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The Room[edit]

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  • Johnny: "I keel you, you b****ard!"
    • Mark: "You couldn't kill me if you tried!"
    • Johnny: "You betray me! You not good. You - you just a chicken, cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep!"
  • Mark: "How was work today?"
    • Johnny: "Oh, pretty good. We got a new client, and the bank weel make a lot uff money."
    • Mark: "What client?"
    • Johnny: "I cannot tell you; eet's confidential."
    • Mark: "Aw, come on. Why not?"
    • Johnny: "No, I can't. Anyway, how's your sex life?"
    • Mark: "Can't talk about it."
    • Johnny: "Why not?"
  • Johnny: "Hello, can I have a dozen red roses, please?"
    • Flower Shop Clerk: "Oh, hi, Johnny, I didn't know it was you." [Grabs bouquet of flowers] "Here you go."
    • Johnny: "That's me! How much eez it?"
    • Flower Shop Clerk: "That'll be $18."
    • Johnny: [hands over cash] "Here you go. Keep the change." [grabs flowers and pats dog on the counter] "Hi, doggy."
    • Flower Shop Clerk: "You're my favorite customer."
    • Johnny: "Thanks a lot. 'Bye!"
    • Flower Shop Clerk: "'B-bye!"